Stack Rock Wellness is owned and operated by Kim Rene, a certified bodywork and nutrition expert. Kim combine's traditional Chinese medicine with modern nutritional science and massage therapy to help clients ease their pain and become a healthier version of themselves. By utilizing holistic health practices, we can maximize the body's potential to heal and regain health naturally. No matter what type of physical or mental stress your body is under currently, Amma massage therapy and nutrition counseling can help alleviate your pain and restore health and wellness.

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For more than 10 years, Kim Rene has been working with individuals to help them find balance with food and lifestyle in order to achieve their wellness goals. Passionate about the ability to heal the body of virtually any conditional naturally, Kim helps guide her clients to health with personal, customized plans.
Training and Certifications:

  • BA Degree in Communications from San Diego State University
  • 1,000 Hour Certification in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Massage & Traditional Chinese Medicine from The Wellspring School for Healing Arts
  • 300 Hour Certification in Holistic Nutrition from The Wellspring School for Healing Arts
Let Kim get you started on your healing journey, contact Stack Rock Wellness at 208863-8541.